Different Types of IRCTC Tickets

Indian railways online ticket booking process mainly divided in to 2 types.

  1. E – Ticket
  2. I – Ticket

Every body confusing about these options and keep on thinking which option to choose for IRCTC Online ticket booking. Don’t worry I will explain each of these to you on simple definition.

E Ticket and I - Ticket

E Ticket and I – Ticket Selection

Difference Between E Ticket and I Ticket

Both the E Ticket and I Ticket booking via IRCTC only but there is some common difference.

  • E – Ticket :

    E – Tickets are default booking option on the IRCTC website. E – Ticket other wise known as Electronic Ticket. This you can purchase online and travel. Remember there is no need to take printout of the E – Ticket. You just need to show the SMS received on your mobile to TTE ( Travel Ticket Examiner ).

  • I – Ticket :    I – Ticket also known as Internet Ticket. This also booking via IRCTC website by selecting the I – Ticket option while searching trains after the IRCTC Login happens. Main difference on  I – Ticket option is that it do not require ID proof except Tatkal facility.  Also I -ticket is delivering directly to your home. But I – Ticket must book 3 Days prior to the travel. This can cancel any ticket reservation counter after the departure of the train too. But remember no Cash Refund allowed will refund on the same online payment  account only.
E – TicketI – Ticket
Ticket Delivered on E-Mail and SMS onlyTicket Delivered on Shipment Address Given
If lost the E – Ticket then directly re-print possibleIf forgot the PNR number too will attract ticket re-issuing charges
Ticket Cancellation not allowed after the Train DepartureTicket Cancellation can be done after the Train Departure
Ticket Cancellation done via IRCTC Website OnlyTicket Cancellation done on the nearest Computer reservation Center too

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